Chinese food in Madrid: guide to Chinese restaurants

How is Chinese food in Madrid? What are the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid? Where will Chinese people living in the city eat? Do you want to eat something beyond rice, three delights and chicken with almonds?

Here is a complete guide with everything you need to know about Chinese food in Madrid: the best Chinese restaurants, supermarkets to buy your sauces, favorite Asian vegetables and products, the famous Chinatown and where to order Chinese food at home.

Usera: The "Chinatown" of Madrid

South of the city, crossing the River Manzanares, is Usera, Madrid's Madrid district.

Its streets are full of Asian shops that go from travel agencies, clothing stores, photo studios (all with posters written in the respective language), until restaurants and supermarkets.

This is then the place par excellence to go for Chinese food, either in a restaurant or buy the ingredients in one of their stores and then prepare it at home.

You can read more about it in my post dedicated exclusively to Usera, the Bar Rio Chino of Madrid.


Where to eat the best Chinese food in Madrid (which the Chinese eat)

If you want to taste real Chinese food in Madrid, here are some delicious and varied options.

And if you go accompanied a friend who does not dare to eat exotic dishes is no problem, in almost all the restaurants on this list will get a section on the menu with the classic rice three delights, chicken with almonds and other things.

Ni Hao Restaurant: One of the best Chinese restaurants in Madrid. They prepare a variety of traditional dishes, passing through the typical friendly for the Spanish palate. The aubergines are incredible. They have hot pot!

Jin Jin Restaurant: One of my favorites. Economic, varied and delicious food. They have Chinese food for low risk Spaniards and of course more fun authentic dishes. Rice with Chinese mustard is spectacular.

Wang Wang Restaurant: It's right in front of the Jin-Jin. The letter is quite large and very messy. They have an interesting variety of soups.

The famous Royal Cantonese: Very good Chinese food in Madrid. One of the most recognized in the city. He's in Chinatown in Usera. They have Dim Sum and many barbecue dishes. The jellyfish salad is very fun.

Lomite Bubble Tea Bar: Interesting Chinese restaurant in Madridtown Chinatown. Excellent noodle soups, unforgettable aubergines and prepare Chinese bubble tea 🙂

Kai Yuan Restaurant: A fairly large place with many tables and even private rooms for events. Good Chinese food for both Spanish and Chinese. Attention with the empanadillas, they are incredible.

Sichuan flavor (Ancient Imperial Pot): Before it was called La Olla Imperial and they served only hot pot in "free buffete" mode, now it has changed but it is still a good option . Of course, Sichuan food is spicy. Atento.

International Restaurant: A simple and delicious Chinese where you can eat from the classic rice three Spanish delicacies to frog legs. I recommend Mapo Tofu (spicy dish) and any portion of green vegetables.

Lao Tou Restaurant: Another Chinese restaurant located in the Usera neighborhood. They have a wide menu with many delicious dishes among which stands out the "tofu de la casa" and any of the seasonal green vegetables. Most of its guests are Chinese, that's a good sign.

Restaurant "El Winnie": Close to the Plaza de España, it is one of the most Chinese Chinese I have visited in the city. They specialize in noodle soups, baos and Dim Sum soups.Their prices are very good and the quality of the dishes is magnificent. Attentive with sauteed black rice and aubergines. A delight!


More Chinese restaurants in Madrid

The king of noodles: In this restaurant everything revolves around noodles, both in soup and sautéed. There are Chinese and Thai dishes. Not bad.

The Chinese of the Plaza España basement: His real name is Zhou Yulong. A classic in Madrid. Many consider it the most authentic Chinese in the city, I think it's not so much. Good noodles, good empanadillas and little else. Of course, the experience is "underground" and that makes it fun.

Chino Buen Gusto Restaurant: the favorite of King Juan Carlos (there is a picture of him visiting the restaurant). The letter is extensive and has pictures to guide you better when ordering. There are dishes for Spaniards who do not want to leave the comfort zone and also some more fun things. They have many options with fish and seafood that are worth trying.

Rong Hua Restaurant: A Chinese for Spaniards that does not stop being good. They have a night menu of € 8.5 that includes three courses. The spring rolls are delicious. They have Dim Sum.

Yue Lai: A good Chinese restaurant to eat Hot Pot in Madrid. Moderate prices, and very good food. Care when ordering, you can get excited and ask for more than the account and then you will not fit everything in the belly, haha.


The Market of the Mostenses and its surroundings

In the center of Madrid, a few meters from the Gran Vía is located the Mercado de Los Mostenses.

This is a Municipal Market where you can get Asian stores and stalls selling fresh vegetables to prepare Chinese food.

In the vicinity from this market you can also find some stores where you can buy Asian products and several Chinese restaurants, including one of hot pot that is right next to the market where it would be the back exit of it.

It seems that the surroundings of the Market of Los Mostenses were a kind of "mini-Chinatown", not at all similar to Usera, but with a good amount of food shops s (and other stores as well) belonging to immigrants from this Asian community.

You can read more about this market here:

  • Market of the Mostenses in Madrid li>

Chinese stores market mostenses

Chinese supermarkets in Madrid

There are several Chinese supermarkets in Madrid. Stores where you can buy all the products you need to prepare delicious Asian recipes. Fresh vegetables, cuts of meat, fish, seafood (sometimes live), sausages and endless sauces.

These are some of the Asian supermarkets you can visit:

  • Oriental Market (Calle General Margallo 12, Tetouan) : famous store in the Tetuan neighborhood where you can get everything you need. In addition, for convenience, they have an online store.
  • In fact, along the General Margallo street there are several stores of Chinese products that you can visit. Simply get off at the Tetuan Metro, go to this street (it's a few meters away) and cross it.
  • Chinese supermarket in Plaza España: right next to the famous Plaza España mall there is a supermarket where you can also get variety of products.
  • Hua Liam Food (Leganitos 33) : also a step away from Plaza España. A large supermarket with good prices on their products. There is everything.You get very easy from the Usera metro station.

Chinese soy sauce

Chinese food at home in Madrid

Sometimes we do not have the time, or desire, to go out to eat in the street. The first thing we think about these cases is to ask for something for the house. And what is the first thing that comes to mind? Obvious, Chinese food at home.

In Madrid it is very easy to order Chinese food for the house, as easy as getting on a website and order online, so do not give yourself a bad life, you do not have to You have written down in a notebook numbers of Chinese restaurants that take home food in your neighborhood. Get in one of these webs, put your street and zip code, select your favorite restaurant, choose the dishes, pay, and wait until you get home.

I'll recommend1 a popular website where You can eat Chinese food at home in Madrid:

  1. Just Eat

Just do not expect authentic Chinese food, this is simple food that you like. to the Spaniards If you want the real one, the one I mention at the beginning of this guide, you have to go out to look for it.

Bon appetit!

 Chinese food in Madrid Chinese restaurants in Madrid

As I will surely continue visiting Chinese stores, markets and restaurants in Madrid, this guide could be updated frequently .

If you go to one of the places that I put here and it does not exist anymore (because those things can happen) or if you know an amazing restaurant with Chinese food in Madrid that is not here, let me know.


Last revision of this post: January 2017.