Easy and healthy vegetable cream recipe

Vegetable cream is one of the healthiest recipes you can make at home. Ideal for dinner, ideal if you are on a diet or simply if you want to add to your menu a little variety in vegetable form.

It is very easy to prepare and if you make a whole pot, you can store it in your fridge to consume in the coming days. You can also freeze it without problem.

How to make homemade vegetable cream

One of the things I like most about this recipe is that you can use any vegetable you have available.


Starting from this idea, feel free to add or remove the ingredients described below.

Let's cook!

cream of vegetables
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Vegetable cream recipe

Learn how to prepare, step by step, a simple recipe for very healthy vegetable cream.If you want it thinner, you can add a little more of the broth left over from cooking, or a little water.
  • Heat the cream in the pot a couple of minutes more and turn off the heat.
  • cream of vegetables

    As I told you earlier this recipe you can make it practically with any vegetable that you have in your fridge. But you can also prepare some very delicious variants that will also incorporate a bit of animal protein into the dish.

    Cream of vegetables with cream

    Prepare the recipe as I explained above. When you put the cream in the pot after having passed through the chopper, add 3 or 4 tablespoons of cream, stir well and boil a couple of minutes more.

    Cream of vegetables with cheese

    It's very easy. Simply prepare the cream as in the recipe and when serving you put chopped cubes of your favorite fresh cheese, I recommend goat. Then you can streak some parmesan over it and eat it.

    Vegetable cream with chicken

    Cream with vegetables and chicken has 2 ways to prepare:

    • Cook one breast in the same water as the other vegetables, and take advantage of the broth. Then you shred the chicken and put it all in the same chopper.
    • You also cook the chicken, but in this case you shred it and reserve the meat and put it to the cream already ready at the time of serving, make it a vegetable cream with pieces of chicken.

    The vegetables are healthy and if you know how to cook them they are very delicious. Here is our recipe page with vegetables so you can discover some dishes and be inspired.